BELL Visors and Peak Visors

 Bell HP7, RS7 Carbon, RS7 Pro,...

Bell HP7, RS7 Carbon, RS7 Pro, RS7-K & KC7 are equipped with a DSAF visor as standard equipment (KC7 is 2mm instead of 3mm)

Other Bell helmets are equipped with a standard non-antifog clear visor as standard equipment. All visors that are available separately are fitted with Bell?s unique DSAF (Double Screen Anti-Fog), the most advanced anti-fog system on the market. The visors for KC3-CMR come with high performance anti-fog coating.

Bell Racing spare visors come in regular colours (clear, smoked, dark and yellow), 5 mirror colours (blue, red, iridium, gold and silver) and 3 ML (multilayer) colours (ML Blue, ML Red and ML Green)