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INDY Sport

Sport retread competition tyres have become one of the leaders in the field of motorsport in Germany and Europe.The high product quality, pattern, reliability and the great price/performance ratio characterise our INDY Sport Series. Many tyres are e-marked to ECE-108 and road legal. Extensive research and development has resulted in a range of tyres for rallye, autocross, rallyecross, volksrace. All tyres are available in special compounds ( RA only one raincompound ) for excellent grip and performance.

INDY Sport F Pattern

This is an all purpose forest tyre with reinforced sidewalls...

INDY Sport FA Pattern

Directional Pattern with reinforced sidewall for stages...

INDY Sport SG Pattern

This tyre is made for coarse ground. Bigger blocks designed...

INDY Sport BR Pattern

Directional pattern for very loose and muddy stages. Designed...

INDY Sport BRF Pattern

Front tyre specialy designed for buggy´s